Fatima Tahir, MSW


Effective therapy for teens and adults

My experience with mental health challenges is both personal and professional. You will find therapy with me to be soothing, powered by empathy, caring, and mutual trust. Together, we will work towards reducing anxiety and improving your ability to manage emotional difficulties.

Issues: Clients ages 16 and older presenting anxiety, depression, addictions and substance abuse, PTSD, trauma, stress injury and management, anger management, borderline personality disorder.

Treatment approach: Cognitive Processing Therapy, CBT, DBT, Neurofeedback. If appropriate, we may use cutting-edge LENS Neurofeedback.

About Fatima – CBT and Neurotherapist in Whitby ON

Are you or your teenager struggling with anxiety, depression, or borderline personality disorder (BPD)? Have you been drinking or abusing drugs in an effort to self-medicate? Do you need help managing stress, chronic pain, or the effects of trauma? Do you need help recovering from difficult childhood experiences, sexual abuse, or other forms of trauma?

Learning to cope successfully

Together, we will work on building your strengths, gaining insights, and building the coping skills that help you build a better life. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, you can expect expert holistic care focused on delivering practical skills and tools to make your life better. We will select the tools that match your needs. CBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy to better enable you to control upsetting thoughts and the emotional shockwaves from trauma. DBT can improve your ability to cope.

I have a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from York University.

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