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If intense emotions regularly interfere with your life or you identify with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety, or addiction, learning DBT skills your will change your life for the better.

Next start date: SEPT. 1st 2021



  • Keep on track with learning coping skills.
  • Keep contact with instructors and peers.
  • Better odds of applying skills in daily life


  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Handling long periods of stress
  • Relationship and Communication Skills


  • Flexible ways of participating
  • Multiple payment forms (see below)
  • Can submit receipt to insurance if covered for Social Worker

Next module:

Distress Tolerance Skills

  • How to handle emotional pain and distress without impulsive habits.
  • STOP self-harming, substance use, binging or exploding in anger.
  • Cope with your pain without  making things worse for yourself. Stop toxic cycles NOW!
What is DBT?

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. An evidence-based therapy proven effective for many mental health issues and for people who identify as emotionally sensitive. 

How do I know this is right for me?

If you are 18 or older and identify with one or more of these items, this training can have a major impact in you:

✔ It’s hard to manage emotions, they can lead me to conflict or overwhelm
✔ I consider myself emotionally sensitive and intense so I feel too deeply for others and for myself
✔ It’s difficult to withdraw or detach from an intensely emotional situations even when I try
✔ My relationships are challenging and unhealthy, it’s hard to trust others so I tend to cut people off 
✔ I have tried talk therapy in the past, but it was ineffectual for me

How long is the program?

The complete program is 4 modules along 1 year. Each module is 8 weeks.

You are free to choose doing 1 module at a time or commit to doing the entire program.

What skills will I gain?

You will gain the 4 core skills.

  1. Mindfulness: notice and accept your thoughts and feelings, gently and without becoming overwhelmed or self-critical. This is taught every single session of the program.
  2. Emotional regulation:  channel your emotional intensity so it doesn’t become overpowering. Care deeply while retaining a sense of control and protect your relationships and your success. This is 1 module (8 weeks)
  3. Interpersonal effectiveness:  develop build healthy, long and short-term relationships with friends, romantic partners, family members, and work colleagues. And find inner strength in being able to recognize and leave toxic relationships. This is 2 modules (16 weeks)
  4. Distress tolerance: cope with emotional & stressful situations without losing control or resorting to problematic or destructive coping techniques such as avoidance, closing yourself off, self-harm, anger, or substance abuse. This is 1 module (8 weeks)

Who are the Instructor-Therapists?

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