Online Therapy for Individuals

End the anxiety and depression with CBT from home.

Who is it for?

Online sessions are a great option if you don’t suffer from a severe mental illness and aren’t in crisis. You can get help from the comfort and privacy of your home.

How does it work?

  • Go to the blue book now button above or create or log into your account here on our website.
  • Once inside, you will go to My account once more and view your appointment. 
  • Click Join Session. 
  • Your therapist will be there waiting. 
  • Is it secure?

    CBT online sessions are done via OwlPractice, a Canadian business compliant with our privacy laws (PHIPPA).

    Is it effective?

    Research findings state that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is just as effective online when compared to in-person delivery for anxiety and depression. See Wagner, Horn & Maercker (2014); Andrews, et al. (2018); Bergman Nordgren et al. (2014).

    What can I get out of it?

    • Coping mechanisms to allow you to work through situations which typically cause you anxiety, fear, or avoidance.
    • Stress-management techniques 
    • Skills and techniques to help you better navigate relationships, or to work through relationship troubles.
    • Problem-solving skills for you to enact when you encounter issues which may typically have caused you to shy away or back down, such as social situations or public speaking.
    • Improving self-love, self-confidence, and body image.
    • Improving communication, listening, and the ability to speak up for yourself.
    • Understanding your own skills, strengths, and positive attributes and learning to quiet your inner negative critique.
    • Finding a resolution to the issues that originally led you to therapy, such as having panic attacks, or being unable to sleep.

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