Miriam - Child Psychologist

Miriam Klaczkowski, MSW


Compassionate Therapy for Kids and Parents

I help children and parents who are struggling. You can expect practical tools to help your child build lifelong coping skills. You can get support becoming a more effective and confident parent. Your child can succeed and your family can thrive.

Issues: anxiety, depression, addictions and substance abuse, parent-child relationship and reactive attachment, ODD and anger management, ADD-ADHD, divorce/separation.

Treatment approach: Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Neurofeedback.

About Miriam – Social Worker/Psychotherapist in Whitby ON

Does your adolescent or teen have difficulty regulating their emotions, controlling their anger, or they always defiant? Are you concerned about anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or risky behaviors in your child? Is ADD/ADHD wreaking havoc at home and creating challenges in school?

What to expect in therapy for kids and parents

In a warm and collaborative atmosphere, you can expect overwhelming compassion for your child and for you. Using play and art therapy, we can identify what is most difficult for your child. You can expect help building practical lifelong skills that will support growth and success, while learning new ways of coping with stress and intense emotion.

Holistic therapy, tailored to your needs

You can expect e xpert holistic, effective support. Together, we will choose the tools that will work best for you and your family. CBT to learn new coping strategies. LENS Neurofeedback to improve brain performance and function. The Safe and Sound Protocol to reduce anxiety, auditory sensitivities, inattention, and emotional difficulties. Reach out today!

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