Miriam - Child Psychologist

Miriam Klaczkowski



Compassionate Therapy for Kids and Parents

I help children and parents who are struggling. You can expect practical tools to help your child build lifelong coping skills. You can get support becoming a more effective and confident parent. Your child can succeed and your family can thrive.

Issues: anxiety, depression, addictions and substance abuse, parent-child relationship and reactive attachment, ODD and anger management, ADD-ADHD, divorce/separation.

Treatment approach: Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Neurofeedback.

About me:

I have over 8 years of experience working with children and families in a variety of settings. I worked in the heart of New York City for a long time with clients with very complex issues and situations, and in with seniors in hospice care. This truly solidified my passion for helping our youngest and oldest. I am a compassionate and loving therapist that focuses on delivering results for my clients and their families.

I enjoy working with seniors and children in a genuine and empathetic way because I firmly believe that it is through committing to unconditional love that we can see the changes will bring healing. Unconditional love, is not permissive nor demanding, but it is rooted in an overwhelming compassion for the person that we are today (and the person the child is today) and the person we/they will become tomorrow.

My therapeutic approach is collaborative and warm, so sessions resemble a visit with a trusted family friend where the kids can play and freely express themselves, and parents can confide and receive reliable guidance.

My psychotherapy treatments are based on a holistic approach which means working with the brain, the mind and the heart. So, I combine Play and Art therapy to understand the client’s inner world, CBT to teach new coping strategies and LENS Neurofeedback or the Safe and Sound Protocol to support the brain and body.

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