One of the most important goals of psychological treatment is to improve cognitive functions, improve intellectual deficiencies and thus improve quality of life. This new era of therapeutic advances employs a variety of treatments from the fields of biomedical engineering and psychology. One of them is Traditional Neurofeedback (NF)-based operant conditioning. Until now, many studies have concentrated on the efficacy of NF in clinical and non-clinical settings.

Traditional Neurofeedback training has become more efficient as cognitive neuroscience and imaging methods have advanced. So, there have been recent advancements in traditional NF procedures too. This blog will share key information about the novel clinical grade at-home traditional neurofeedback therapy.

What is Traditional Neurofeedback Training and Therapy?

Traditional Neurofeedback training is cutting-edge training based on the operant learning principle. Neurofeedback training accounts for allowing individuals to change their cortical activity based on biofeedback, which is defined as the specific features of brain cortical action so that behaviour can be influenced. This modality helps you change your electrical brain activities or waves’ amplitude, frequency, or coherency.

Neurofeedback brain training has been widely used to improve athletic abilities, cognitive abilities, and artistic and musical performance, as links between cognitive functioning and brain cortical activity have been established. In recent years, Traditional Neurofeedback training has been investigated as a potential treatment candidate for many conditions like ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Insomnia, Addiction, ASD, and many more. Delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma bands describe EEG data. Please read our blog explaining all these brain waves.

How At-Home or Remote Traditional Neurofeedback Training Developed?

Years of research have demonstrated that you can learn to control your brain waves to improve your mood, focus, and performance. It is a type of biofeedback that measures EEG (brain waves).

This non-invasive treatment encourages the brain to develop healthier activity patterns.

Once only found in clinical settings, a new generation of at-home neurofeedback devices is now available to help you achieve everything from a calmer, more focused mind to peak brain performance.

But how does an at-home Myndlift program work for you or your loved ones?

At-Home Traditional Neurofeedback Training with Myndlift

With the right tools, neurofeedback can be performed at home. Due to neurofeedback training, many people are already seeing improvements in their sleep, human performance, and other areas.

We brought a clinical-grade Traditional neurofeedback device and software (Myndlift paired with a Muse Headband) to Ontario, Canada. Neurofeedback converts your brainwaves into measurable data that can be trained through customized technical programming. It can be used at home to improve your overall brain health.

Myndlift, as a training program, is effective for neurofeedback brain training and neurofeedback therapy. Indeed, neurofeedback has been used to self-manage anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, ASD, depression, peak performance, insomnia, improve focus, and other conditions, thereby increasing mental wellness.

How to Practice Neurofeedback at Home

1) To begin, you’ll need a wearable neurofeedback device to collect brainwave data.

Fortunately, you won’t require a full EEG cap with wires and glue! A clinical-grade, dry-sensor EEG headband can provide the correct data without overwhelming you.

We use Muse headbands at the Insight Clinic (Unless you specify otherwise, your kit will include a Muse brain training headband.) We are clinical-grade and science-backed. It is of clinical quality, adjustable, lightweight, and rechargeable. This is one of the ways we differ from other consumer-grade devices available on Amazon or other marketplaces.

2) You’ll then need software or an app to translate your brainwave data so you can understand what it means.

Numerous neurofeedback training programs are available; however, Myndlift is the only science-backed neurofeedback tool that allows you to see your brainwave data even while watching your favorite Netflix show. 

There have been extensive clinical studies, and our practice is PHIPPA-compliant. Myndlift divides raw brain activity data into distinct brainwaves that can be linked to a specific mental state. Alpha brainwaves, for example, typically indicate a relaxed state.

For example, your brainwave states will be represented as a glowing firefly in a Myndlift game. The firefly will rise or fall depending on how well you perform in protocol.

Even the content of Myndlift is affected by your brainwaves! When you succeed in your training, depending on the game you choose, even butterflies hatch from their chrysalis.

3) Finally, you’ll need a way to track your progress. This is what distinguishes Myndlift from other neurofeedback training and therapy options. Myndlift provides customized training plans based on your ultimate goals and tracks every minute.

Do you know how before and after photos are used to track progress in physical fitness training regimens? We do the same in your Myndlift program.

A Myndlift technician measures your baseline brainwaves before you begin training, which we call brain mapping. This is a one-of-a-kind baseline. Consider it your “before” picture. Your baseline is a snapshot of your brain’s electrical activity that has not been altered. This baseline will be visible in every experience with Myndlift’s at-home traditional neurofeedback therapy.

Following brain mapping, a therapist will assess your baseline and responses to questionnaires we provided to evaluate your underlying condition and determine how to set up an individualized treatment plan to assist you in developing new skills.

From the beginning of the process, a therapist assists you in programming the software for the treatment plan. As you progress through the training, you’ll notice you’re improving when you can keep a high score even after raising your baseline.

Myndlift provides a baseline, visually represented in each game, for example, by a glowing firefly, of your real-time brainwaves, a score after each session, and even specific brainwave band measurements in your data dashboard to help you understand your brainwave data.

Throughout the treatment process, you will be assisted again by a Myndlift technician and clinical supervisor, who helps this program distinguish and differ from many non-clinical consumer-grade devices and programs.

The Benefits of Neurofeedback at Home

You want to ensure that any tool you invest in will produce the desired results. Myndlift strives to create a product that is both enjoyable and scientifically sound. Participants in our peer-reviewed journal studies reported the following improvements:

  • Improvement in positive mood states
  • high levels of interaction with the tools
  • decreased subjective anxiety reports
  • improved feelings of calm
  • decreased tension and fatigue

Last Words on Traditional Neurofeedback at Home

Talk to our neurofeedback technician for 15 minutes and learn more about Myndlift benefits. This is a science-backed program, covered by many insurance companies, and is a flexible, convenient, and effective method to treat many psychiatric conditions.

Traditional Neurofeedback Therapy

Getting Help at The Insight Clinic

Getting Help at The Insight Clinic

Getting Help at The Insight Clinic