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Georgia Fullerton


Treatment approach: Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Neurofeedback.

Focus: Communication, self esteem, perfectionism, grief, emotional dysregulation, co-dependency, toxic habits.

Georgia Fullerton – Expressive Arts Therapist / Counsellor in Whitby

Counselling Style

If you are feeling unmotivated or if your life experiences are causing a sense of hopelessness in you, I may be able to help you lighten the weight of it all. When you adjust your perspective it can bring balance and a new way to live your life. You may face things that make you want to give up on yourself, your family, work or even the world. In the middle of all that mess and confusion you look for ways to cope and recover from your suffering. Therapy is a safe non-judgemental space to share your troubles, rediscover your strengths, and live a positive and healthy life. I am an expressive arts therapist and use a multi-modal arts-based approach to address experiences that are sometimes hard to just talk about. From an experiential, humanistic, person-centred approach I practice helping anxiety, depression, mood, grief, self-expression and communication. I’m able to build a therapeutic relationship that allows you to feel safe and heard. Therapy is a process of discovery in which the creative therapies have an overall positive benefit for healing the self. This is often discovered during the art making experience itself. I may integrate visual arts, writing, movement, and sound in our sessions and practice Expressive Arts Therapy in combination with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Together we can discover methods of healing and ways of feeling better emotionally, physically, and mentally. I’ll listen closely to your personal concerns and select the best way to help bring comfort and clarity to you. It’s my privilege to build a relationship rich in trust, kindness and support that gives you greater self-awareness, confidence and real-life skills to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.


50 minute session
Counsellor: CAD$ 110.00
Supervised Counselling: CAD$ 205.00

In Person/ Virtual: Tues/ Thurs – 9AM – 6PM, Sat/ Sun (10AM – 3PM)
Virtual ONLY: Mon/ Wed – 9AM – 6PM

Free Initial Consultation: 15 MIN Phone Call


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