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Sharmila Jaihindraj


Effective Therapy for Couples and Adults

I help couples restore intimacy and trust. If you are an adult struggling with your emotional well-being, I can help you regain control over your life and function better at home and at work.

Issues: Couples who need help reducing conflict, communicating better, or rebuilding trust after an affair. Individuals who are struggling with grief, depression, PTSD, trauma, stress injury and management, or addictions (gambling, sex or substance abuse).

Treatment approach: EMDR, DBT, Cogntive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy and an eclectic approach to individual and couple’s therapy.

Sharmila Jaihindraj – Therapist for Couples/Adults in Whitby ON

The difficulties that we experience in life directly impact our ability to thrive. Taking the first steps to heal are difficult – I am here to help.

Couples Therapy

Are you in a high-conflict relationship? Have your or partner experienced betrayal in your marriage? Is your relationship being derailed by constant fighting and poor communication? In couples counseling, you will learn skills to improve communications, reduce conflict, and better manage conflict in your relationship. You can recover from infidelity and other forms of betrayal.

Are you struggling to keep an even keel?

Are you having difficulty managing anxiety, grief, or depression? Are you abusing alcohol or other substances in an effort to self medicate? Have you experienced trauma or abuse? Are you a first responder or front-line worker who is exposed to long-term stress? You can regain control over your life and emotional well-being. You can expect holistic help that looks at all of your needs and tailors a solution that will work best for you. Therapy for you will draw from tools that help you overcome negative self-talk, build healthier communication, and break free of addictions to gambling, alcohol, or other substances. In therapy you can expect warmth, empathy, and very practical tools that can help you heal. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy can give you very powerful coping skills. EMDR is often effective for reducing and treating PTSD. Together, we will build an approach best suited for your goals and circumstances.


50 minute session
Social Worker: CAD$ 150.00 (Individuals) / $165.00 (Couples)
Neurofeedback: CAD$ 90.00

In Person/ Virtual: Tues/ Wed (12PM – 6PM), Fridays (12PM – 4PM)
Virtual ONLY: Thursdays (12PM – 6PM) 

Free Initial Consultation: 15 MIN Phone Call


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