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Trina Bell

BA, MA Registered Psychotherapist

Effective Therapy for Adults 25+

Trina has over 20 years of clinical experience working with substance use, mental health and other difficulties. Trina is very down-to-earth, empathetic and nonjudgmental, focused on building awareness, self-reflection, and self-control. She works with Adults 25+ who struggle with anxiety, depression and post postpartum depression, substance use, codependency, borderline personality, obsession, and grief. Her approach to therapy starts from a place of compassion, empathy and the creation of genuine human connection. In session you can expect a non-judgmental, honest and respectful environment where together you can create safety to grow and heal.

Issues: Substance use, anxiety, depression, stress, domestic abuse, relationship issues, perinatal mental health, women’s issues, emotional regulation difficulties, life transitions at home and work or any emotional challenges that increases suffering and decreases joy.

Treatment approach: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and other solution and emotion focused tools.  Therapy sessions are consistently approached with a trauma informed lens. Together we can create a pathway to support you through your journey by developing a deeper mind/body connection with mindfulness and the practical skills of dialectical behavioral therapy. These tools can be effective, empowering and life changing. 

In session you can expect a non-judgmental, honest and respectful environment where together you can create safety to grow and heal.

Trina Bell – Therapist for Adults in Whitby ON

The difficulties that we experience in life directly impact our ability to thrive. Taking the first steps to heal are difficult – I am here to help.

Learning to Cope Effectively

You may feel that you can’t cope with your own emotions or that life is spinning out of your control.  Whatever your challenge, I am here to help you build the skills and confidence to move through it and discover more power and vitality in your life.  Shifting our thoughts by challenging our inner dialogue can create a calm and inner peace within our minds and bodies.  Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones to grow and explore what keeps us feeling stuck.  You can start to build the confidence to tap into the resilience that lies within you.  

I feel a deep sense of privilege to work with people like you who may be experiencing struggles and challenges and have taken the courageous step of reaching out for support.


“I can be changed by what happens to me.  But I refuse to be reduced by it.” 

Maya Angelou 


50 minute session
Reg. Psychotherapist: CAD$ 140.00 + HST

Virtual ONLY: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 6PM – 8PM

Free Initial Consultation: 15 MIN Phone Call


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