Talk Therapy

Whether you are a young child or a senior you can transform your doubts, fears, and traumas into hopecourage and resilience. 

We work with all ages and offer:

CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is evidence-based therapy based around educating the client about their particular mental health challenge and then to identify and change the patterns thoughts and actions that keep them in distress.

This involves notetaking  and home exercises to encourage learning about yourself and to apply new ways of thinking and acting. It’s applicable to depression and anxiety issues such as anger and panic. Clients can plan to attend biweekly for 8 or more sessions.

DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT is a well researched, evidence-based treatment originally designed for Borderline Personality Disorder and that benefits people presenting high emotional sensitivity. DBT includes individual weekly or biweekly sessions, skills training and coaching. At our clinic you will find both.

This is a two part treatment proven to help change long term patterns of behaviour:

Part 1 is individual weekly or biweekly sessions.

Part 2 is teaching the following skills in group setting:

  • Mindfulness to learn how to be present.
  • Distress Tolerance Skills to handle extreme emotions
  • Emotional regulation to improve our day to day
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness to have healthy relationships

We deliver this training online. You can access it even if you are just getting started and don’t yet have a therapist, or you can add it to your current therapy.

More information about our Online DBT Skills Training which is 24 weeks long.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a proven treatment for PTSD, applicable to anxiety disorders and OCD. It’s also applied to distress of recent events. It a non-traditional, structured and directive form of psychotherapy that aims to relieve the client of the physical and emotional discomforts of their traumatic past experiences which eliminates present day symptoms and eases future worries.

In these sessions clients are encouraged to briefly focus on the traumatic experience while using bilateral stimulation which is associated with a reduction of the emotional charge triggered by the memory. This allows the person to adequately process the experience both physically and emotionally. The goal is to alter the way the memory is stored in the brain, rather than treat the symptoms the experience has created.

Clients are recommended to commit to 6-12 sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  For people with complex or developmental trauma treatment will be longer.

Cognitive Processing Therapy

CPT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on helping PTSD, often used to help First Responders in managing thoughts resulting form traumatic experiences. It’s main focus is to teach the client how to better handle upsetting thoughts that interfere with enjoying their day-to-day. You will learn how to identify rational vs irrational thoughts, allowing you to decide when to take a new perspective and new action. Clients are recommended to commit to 10-12 weekly sessions.

Expressive Arts Therapy

ExAT is a different way to aid mental health and well-being using visual arts, music, voice and movement, creative writing and drama as a way to explore, express and heal our internal world. It helps create a sound therapeutic relationship and to apply coping skills in a meaningful way. Expressive arts can be combined with CBT or DBT.

It can be particularly useful for those with an artistic inclination, children and people that struggle with communication or verbalization due to developmental challenges.

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