Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and No-Show Fees

Our cancellation policy is 48 hours.

You will be charged the full amount for cancelling late or not showing up.

On your next session, your therapist may credit the fee towards that session.

Other Information

Other Services

Documentation fees are typically 1 clinical hour per page.

Please request a quote from your therapist for these services:

  • Letters of any kind
  • Filling out Emotional Support Animal Forms (ESA)
  • Referral forms for other services
  • Case reports or summaries
  • Complete file extraction
  • Case consultation with other professionals

Methods of Payment

All Credit Cards
Direct Deposit
E- Transfer: – please ensure in the memo is your client # provided by your therapist.
For More Information contact us at 289-483-0133 or email at

If you do not have insurance coverage

Please take action, write to your employer. You may use this letter provided by The Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee: Client to Employer letter

Disclaimer: In downloading the forms on this page, I agree to modify only the personal details (name, address, employer, etc.) and leave the content of the letter or document unchanged. A clinical hour is 50 minutes the remaining 10 minutes of are reserved for note taking and scheduling your following session.


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