About Us

Meet our Founder

Vielka Almanzar Bautista


As a Registered Psychotherapist, I’ve been serving clients of all ages for over ten years. I have been practicing in and around Whitby, Ontario, and online. As a clinic owner, I focus on delivering quality customer service. My commitment is to cultivating fair and honest business relationships and contributing to our community.

My clinic began as my solo practice in 2019. Due to the growing demand in Neurofeedback and trauma focused treatment, we have now expanded into a small group practice to offer more complete services to the families of the Durham Region.

Your feedback is important to me. Please email any business inquiry or suggestion to improve services to: vielka@theinsightclinic.ca

01. Mission

what we do?

Our Clinical Mental Health Advisors on sight provide a safe, respectful, warm space and intuitive mental health services that are brain-centric. We offer a diverse range of professional, empathic, inclusive, and creative interventions helping individuals, couples, families and children on their wellness journey.
Insight fosters an environment that empowers patients to say how they feel and find healing through tools that retrain how you think, so you can enhance your life with a solution-based focus.

02. Vision

What We Aim To Become

We envision becoming the most cutting edge mental health treatment clinic in the Durham Region of Ontario and being an innovative leader of best practices in providing psychology services.
To achieve this vision, we continually review ourselves in order to keep progressing, creating in a small way a world where people can easily access help and find treatments to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

03. Values

What Matters Most

Our Client’s Best Interests!

To achieve this and to change society through mental health counseling. We incorporate the following values:
• Working with empathy and integrity.
• Maintaining professional and ethical standards.
• Offering support and collaboration
• Courageously introspecting ourselves and the work we do